Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Beeswax Luminaries

It's simply gorgeous outside today, and it almost kept us from attempting a craft project I had planned - beeswax luminaries.

But then I remembered the last time I attempted making beeswax luminaries. My water filled balloon popped as it touched the hot wax, raining a shower of molten beeswax and tepid water everywhere. My hair, my arms, the floor, the ceiling, the stove, the cabinets. Two years later I still haven't been able to get it all up.

So, we kept our plans - but merely moved them outdoors. I took an old crock pot and filled it full of beeswax blocks, setting it on low and plugging it into the side of the house.

When the wax had melted, I began dipping our water balloon with trepidation. My naked toddler (he's always naked. I can't keep clothes on him) sat down on the far side of the patio as instructed and watched, eyes wide. Nakedness and hot wax was not something I wanted to experiment with.

There was no splat, pop, explosion. Just gorgeous yellow beeswax dripping from the sides of my water balloon. Several dips later, The Little, bored with sitting still stood up and walked over to our flower garden. He then came up to me with a hand full of daffodil leaves as a gift. Be still my beating heart. He knew not to pick my flowers proper.

We improvised and placed the leaves on the luminary and dunked it two more times to seal them.

It's not perfect, but it didn't explode either. I think the next time I attempt this I'm going to use pressed flowers.

Enjoying the sun, the scent of honeyed beeswax, and naked, dimpled toddler bum running gleefully through the yard.

Simple Mama.


  1. I love this!!! On my to do list now. thanks!!

  2. you did it! it's beautiful...and no explosion! good for you. ;)

  3. Ooh, what a beautiful idea. You might be braver than I though. :)

  4. Glad there was no explosion! Lovely!!!

  5. So beautiful! And the story behind the inclusion of the leaves makes it even more so!