Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Market, To Market

The asian market that is. My good friend Jene took us to Fubonn - a huge asian market in Portland.

We had never been there, so I took my camera to take pictures of all the interesting things we saw. Yes...I'm a geek.

Here are a few of my favorites - everything was so colorful!

We let the kids play on a few of the quarter rides while we were there. The Little loved the miniature Merry-Go-Round:

After we were done, we were treated to Dim Sum. I LOVED it. The Little? Not so much. But I brought home some of that black sesame seed butter and made him a sandwich with some homemade strawberry jam added - so life was good.

Yours in exploring the area you live in,

Simple Mama.


  1. Aloe Vera juice is so yum! Try it some day, you'll be pleasantly surprised :)

  2. Oh my goodness, where oh where is this place?! I miss Asian markets.. you can only imagine how heavenly it was when I lived in Korea <3

  3. I love Fubonn! Jealous...we used to eat dim sum all the time and T loved it too...until we found out he is allergic to most of what they serve :( Next time, buy some fresh young coconuts -- so easy to cut open and the fresh coconut water is so yummy!

  4. oh i want black sesame butter! When i was in portland last time i had toasted blck sesame ice cream it was yummy

  5. What a fun market trip! You son's hair is soo cute!

  6. Asian supermarkets are like treasure troves aren't they?!
    I fancy dim sum now after reading your post!

  7. Keep being a 'geek'...I'm loving it....there's real freedom in 'geekdom' !! x