Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Don't You Make Potato Stamp Valentine's Day Cards

We needed a last minute Valentine's Day card craft for Super Hubby. He had already seen our celery stamped rose cards. Doily heart cards were so last year. Store bought cards seemed impersonal. What's a mama to do when her creative juices are running low?

Why pull out the old potato stamp trick, of course.

You'll need:

Card Stock Paper
Paints (We used tempera)
A medium potato
A heart shaped cookie cutter
A small, sharp pairing knife.

Begin by cutting your potato in half near the widest portion. We used a potato that was just past its prime - starting to grow eyes:

Using your small heart shaped cookie cutter, insert it into the potato until the top is flush with the flat end of the potato:

Adults, using a small sharp pairing knife, cut into the potato about 1/4 of an inch down until you feel your knife touch the cookie cutter. Continue cutting all the way around the potato until the waste is easily removed.

Make sure your paint is thinned enough that when you're stamping, it doesn't come out like a thick glob. Likewise, make sure it isn't so thin that it just runs off your stamp. You may need to play around with adding just enough water to the paint.

We used a regular piece of 8.5x11 card stock, folded in half twice to make a card. I gave the potato stamp to The Boy and allowed him to go crazy. We started with bright red paint. Stamped a few hearts, and added some white to make pink. This way we only dirtied up one bowl.

Just like with the celery stamping, make sure to press your stamp firmly on the paper, but don't rock it back and forth too much.

This makes a great last minute Valentines Card. Make it early enough in the day that it has time to dry. In a pinch you could speed up the paint drying process by aiming a low heat hair dryer at the card.

And Super Hubby, if you're reading this, act surprised tomorrow when The Boy gives you his card.

Happy card making!
Simple Mama


  1. If you put wings on the back of your lovely boy he would look like a cherub! xx Ya can't beat potato printing :D

  2. I never knew how to carve the shapes in a potato stamp, thank you so much for demystifying that for me! Happy Valentines Day <3!

  3. wow ~ looks like we think alike! Happy Valentines.

  4. Shanti - not sure how I missed that. <3 Great minds. We'll have to try painting the paint on the stamp next time. Looks a little more precise than are liquidy (is that a word?) paint.

  5. Hilarious! We are doing this today as soon as Hayden wakes up from his nap! I had planned on doing this before and then I was signing on here to show Tristan the votives you made to see if he wanted to make those too and here these are! He said "is that what we're doing later?" with excitement!

  6. hi, it looks so nice, we also did the same 3.5 years ago, you can see here

    love from Turkiye

  7. Butcher paper and potatoe stamps. Christmas paper for years.

  8. I haven't thought of this project in years. Thanks! Please come visit me sometime, I follow you as Kathy.