Saturday, January 2, 2010

25 Goals for 2010

No, these aren't resolutions, because I'm just no good at those.

The only actual resolution I have this year is to focus more clearly on gratitude and thankfulness by keeping a daily gratitude journal.

But, in the *spirit* of resolutions, I decided that there wasn't any harm in coming up with a list of attainable goals for myself. Things that I want to see happen in my life.

So...without any further they are.

1. Eat less meat.
2. Learn how to knit.
3. Finish crocheting my scarf from last year.
4. Declutter 365 items from our home.
5. Organize my digital photos.
6. Big 10 year anniversary trip.
7. Clean the bathrooms more - and regularly.
8. Give myself permission to treat myself to something lovely occasionally.
9. Spend more time with my friends.
10. Monthly Pedi.
11. Find a worthy charity.
12. Read 2 new books a month.
13. Support mama-run businesses.
14. Plan an awesome spring/summer/fall garden.
15. Cut myself some slack when said garden isn't perfect.
16. Purchase a pressure canner.
17. Learn to make bread without the bread machine.
18. Try one new recipe a week.
19. Watch less television.
20. Write more letters by hand.
21. Take The Little to the zoo more often.
22. Buy handmade.
23. Come to terms with my gray hairs.
24. Eat more veggies.
25. No HFCS


  1. great looking list!

  2. Great list! Love number 8- it's so important to treat yourself well too!

  3. You let me think I perhaps should make my 2010 goal as well, something easy and achivable. I like yours, eg reading books, gardening etc. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your list. I can help you knit - I love to knit. I learned from Youtube, of all places. Weird, huh? I want to learn to crochet this year.

    I also want to eat less meat, more veggies, and NO HCFS this year. I am also wanting to cut out dyes in our food and eat out way less.

    And try not to tear all my hair out as my little one turns two! Ahhh!!!

  5. I love to knit.... even when I dont get a lot finished. sometiems community classes or knitting stores have classes. and if you're a visual learner- you tube does have some good ones! KNIT WITCH has some good ones.

    Im trying to declutter too....... Yesterday was good start- over 30 items. my goal is to spend SOME time each week-\

    you should look into Artisan Bread in 5 minutes. both books are great- and easy to make bread. im giving my bread machine away!

  6. I hope I can help you with the knitting one! I see some other things on your list that maybe we could try together too ;) I hope we get to see each other soon :) <3