Thursday, January 27, 2011

St. Thomas

Really the title should read St. John, as the only time we spent in St. Thomas was in transit to the Red Hook Ferry line to catch a ride over to St. John USVI.

We were looking for an out of the way, not-too-crowded beach. You know....something like this:

That stunning picture is of Trunk Bay, the most photographed spot on St. John. With good reason too - it's gorgeous. While not too many people traveled over to St. John the day we were in port, it seemed that most of them who did were headed here. So we opted for a different location.

Our day started with an open air taxi ride over to the Red Hook Ferry line across the island where we waited about 20 minutes for the 9 am ferry. The ferry from Red Hook leaves every hour on the hour - and prices were so reasonable!

My little mini me, waiting for the ferry:

We arrived in St. John after a short 20 minute ferry ride - as we pulled into Cruz Bay it seemed a perfect day awaited us:

We passed the aforementioned Trunk Bay. As everyone else piled out of the taxi, Super Hubby and I made the spur of the moment decision to have the taxi driver take us to Cinnamon Bay, just down the road a few miles. Cinnamon Bay is managed by the US Park Service, something we didn't realize until we were there. Little concrete bungalows line the area above the shore line. Bare tent sites and sites with large canvas tents, cots, bedding, and kitchen supplies are also available. There is a little convenience store and restaurant on the premises too. And the beach is stunning! This little fellow was waiting to greet us as we rounded the corner to the powder white sand and gently lapping waves:

We built sand castles, played in the water, and enjoyed the scenery and sunshine for hours under the shade of gently swaying palm trees and lush vegetation!

After we were appropriately sun kissed and tired from our day in the sun we made our way up the short walk to the open air, cool water showers. If you haven't had the opportunity to try an outdoor shower, you really should. It's one of life's truly simple and extraordinary decadent pleasures in my opinion. Showering under the bright blue sky, rinsing the ocean water from your body is incredibly refreshing. Too soon we hopped on a taxi waiting up at the top of the Cinnamon Bay parking lot and wound our way through the scenic hillsides back to Cruz Bay to catch the ferry to St. Thomas.

The day was magical. St. John is gorgeous. Cinnamon Bay is a true jewel. We're contemplating a trip back this fall just to stay in the campground area. They provide just about everything you need. And if you don't want to make your own meals, head over to the restaurant on the premises. There was so much of St. John we didn't see, and I can't wait to visit again. St. Thomas, I'm sure was lovely, but we're more interested in off-the-beaten path vacations. Something I wasn't convinced could be done on a cruise, but am pleasantly surprised every time I'm proven wrong.

And finally, this last picture. Back in our Ocean Suite cabin. Exhausted. In our house, we're co-sleepers. Have been since The Little was first born. Admitting to co-sleeping is an interesting experiment in societal norms. People either stand squarely behind your decision to have a family bed, or they sway to other side and believe that children and parents must have their own nighttime space. Without getting into the nighttime routine debate, let me just end with this: I'm never so thankful that we co-sleep as I am when we're on vacation. The Little falls asleep easily, no matter what our room looks like, where we are located, or what we've been doing, so long as Mama or Daddy are there. Co-sleeping makes traveling a breeze.

Barbados next!

Simple Mama

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