Wednesday, January 26, 2011

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our vacation started in San Juan, Puerto Rico 3 days before our cruise. After a long flight across country with a 3 year old and my 87 year old grandmother we found ourselves enjoying the warmth and humidity of this southern territory of the United States.

He's all smiles after an 11 hour flight.

We headed into Old San Juan to visit the Castillo San Cristobal fort. San Cristobal was started in 1634 and her primary job was to guard San Juan against land attacks.

These large iguanas were lounging in the sun all around the fort.

The Little's feet started to hurt in his hiking shoes. The kind ranger at the fort took pity upon him and gave him bandaids, a junior ranger button, and treats. I think she had a little bit of a crush on him.

After touring San Cristobal we headed into Old San Juan. Much to our surprise we found ourselves there during the San Sabastian festival. (Think Carnival for San Juan.)

The old cobble stone streets were full of food, music, performers, and fun!

Kid photo of our shoes. We picked him up some soft soled water socks to walk around in so that we could ease the blisters on his sad little feet:

After much walking we stumbled upon a large open field, where locals were flying inexpensive kites. We discovered a discarded kite and spent some time kite flying too. When in Rome...

Our day ended with the long walk back across town to pick up a taxi to our hotel. The Little was so tired that his papa ended up carrying him piggy back style the majority of the way. Does anyone else have problems finding pants that stay on their children?

More later...
Simple Mama