Monday, September 27, 2010

It's an Island Ting

We're home after a week and a half of glorious sunshine, warm island breezes and much needed relaxation. The time away was EXACTLY what we needed to recharge and prepare for autumn - especially since we didn't have much of a summer here in the pacific northwest.

Here is some of our vacation for you to view.

We fed iguanas on a day excursion to the Exuma islands.

We swiped mama's sunglasses:

We made him pose for obligatory photos:

We had an entire beach practically all to ourselves:

The locals wrestled sharks while we were literally 3 feet away:

I understand now why shark attacks happen so close to shore. They can get in such shallow water!

We chatted up the local island boar:

We swam in the clearest, bluest water you've ever seen!

I even had an islander make me a delicious adult coconut drink - and offered to let me stay and after everyone left so he could apply sunscreen to my shoulders. What can I say? He received a nice tip. Did I mention it was an open bar?

And we caught the powerboat back home to "our" island.

Beautiful there, isn't it? I'll have more later to share. This was simply from our day in Exuma. Tell me again why we don't live there?

Missing the islands already,
Simple Mama


  1. oh wow your vacation looks like it was FANTASTIC. love that wreath too.

  2. This brings back LOTS of memories from when we sailed our boat there many years ago. Thank you for sharing, it's such a special corner of the world.