Friday, September 17, 2010

And We're Off

No photos this post.

We're leaving on the red eye in a just a bit on our way to Nassau - of Bahamas fame.

Super Hubby has to travel there for work. (He leads a terribly hard life.) The Little and I decided to join him.

I'll be gone for the better part of two weeks, with probably no updates (which isn't totally unlike me these days it seems.)

But....I promise to come back with lots of adventures, photos, and a refreshed spirit.

True to form, our family managed to come down with more CRUD this past week. Sending me into a bit of a tailspin. The Little actually ended up in the hospital earlier in the week after a sudden case of croup caused him to stop breathing and turn blue. Turned out he also had an ear infection. He's been on strict rest - as much rest as a toddler will allow anyhow - and antibiotics. He's been cleared to fly so it's off, off we go to our tropical paradise.

In the Pacific Northwest we were cheated out a summer - with it being the coldest summer season on record in 17 years. I'm SO ready to relax and take in a little vitamin D.

So, I'll see you soon dear friends, and random internet stoppers by. Have a wonderful start to autumn for me! I'll be pretending it's still summer.

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