Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekending Part II

We spent the afternoon at our friend G's Superhero Training Camp Birthday Party.

Kids dodging "boulders"

Scaling the climbing wall:

Making Super Hero Capes and Masks!

G, the birthday boy:

The Little:

Totally the coolest birthday party I've been to, bar none. I couldn't believe my friend L spent the week sewing all those capes! There were "villians" to thwart training camp, birthday cake, presents, and a pinata. I'm thinking of hiring L to do The Little's next party. *wink*

Who new summer birthdays were so much fun?

Simple Mama


  1. Thanks so much for joining us and all your help. I loved making the capes, only actually took about 2 days. Griffin actually helped with a LOT. I love party planning, especially now that G is old enough to help.

  2. Awesome pictures! Thanks for posting them. Very nice to meet you today.

  3. Your blog is always so relaxing and positive. Thank you.