Saturday, June 5, 2010

And I'm Back...

I've been an absentee blogger as of late. No reason really, just taking a break from some of the everyday trappings of the internet to be my fully present in the here and now.

We've been busy with our fledgling spring garden which is refusing to grow well in the cool, wet weather we've been having. We've been raising 3 tiny baby chicks and watching with wonder as they molt their tiny downy feathers and develop their real feathers. We've been waiting patiently for our butterflies to hatch out of their cocoons.

And today we were blessed with the first rays of sunshine I can recall in recent memory. Today is the reason I feel so blessed to be raising my son and living in the Pacific Northwest. Weeks of rain, gloom, drizzle and then this - this perfect, sunshiney, gorgeous day. We spent the morning at the farmer's market, along it would seem, with everybody else. All those extra bodies, crammed into 2 city blocks, bumping into each other. Normally it would be cause for agitation from someone...but not today. Everyone was in high spirits - basking in the warmth, the sun, the mere dryness of the day. It was by far our favorite market day yet.

We came home and decided to let the baby chicks out in the yard for the first time. At four weeks old, they aren't yet old enough to be outside in the evening, but we thought we'd start getting them acclimated to their soon to be outside home.

We even introduced them to our pup, Zoey. She's been cautiously sniffing around their cage indoors, trying to figure out if they're friend or foe. The verdict is still out, but she handled herself quite well.

The Little did his normal running around outside bit. He doesn't seem to care if it's rain or shine much - but it's obvious that running around without clothes is more fun when it's sunny.

And then this afternoon, after we woke up for our nap (yes, I said we), we found a marvelous surprise waiting for us in our butterfly habitat:

Enjoying the simple things,

Simple Mama


  1. A lovely post and I love that pic of Zoey and the chick! :D

  2. Haha so cute! I love the puppies expression and I wish I were little again so that I can enjoy running around in the nude without scaring anyone.

  3. How cool that you got chickens too! I loved having chickens and am even more excited this time because we have been able to find even more ways they can work for us, and be happy at the same time. :)



  4. BTW, your acorn candles are COMPLETELY ADORABLE! What a wonderful fall gift that would make. I love your Etsy.

  5. Awww...sweet things going on at your house. I love the photos of the butterflies and the dog and chick checking each other out. Perfect!

  6. Yay! A photo of the feathered ladies!

    Usually with dogs, if they have any retriever instincts in them, they will have issues. A lot of times, as soon as they see one running - they go after it. It's more instincts than anything. If she is really into fetching things and chasing cats, then you will have to always watch closely.

    I think I told you about the time I looked out my window and saw a yellow lab running with one of my chickens in it's mouth. No harm was done but the dog gently caught and dropped it at it's owners feet. It completely freaked me out.