Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WIP - Barely Controlled Chaos

The post title may be inaccurate. I'm not sure there's anything controlled about this weeks WIP at all.

With Easter fast approaching our house is an explosion of wool, wood, ribbon, toddler craft projects, toys, and out of control mess.

Housekeeping is not my forte.

In fact, I'm fairly certain I might be the worlds worst housekeeper. Sometimes, the reality that I'm a stay-at-home-mama with a toddler and my own Esty store makes me laugh. I was going to be the career woman. The woman with fashionable shoes. The woman with a Blackberry (do people still use those?) and meetings to go to.

Now my shoe of choice is none at all or slippers. My Blackberry? It's sticky note on the fridge. And my big important meetings take place around the family dining table with coloring crayons and a juice box. I wouldn't trade it for anything. And I count my blessing every day to be married to man who does the laundry so that we don't all need to walk around naked.

So this weeks WIP is a snapshot of the chaos in our kitchen and dining room.

Lanterns drying on the kitchen island:

Projects in various states of completion. Some ready to ship, some not.

Aren't these colors delicious? Custom acorns for an autumn wedding:

I left out the dirty dishes in the sink, the random clothes on the ground, and the finger, nose, mouth and paw prints on every. single. window.

Loving it!

Simple Mama

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