Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's the First Snowfall of the Season....


Certainly not the clear sun-shiney day that was predicted, but we'll take it!

In honor of our first snowfall we hastily threw on jackets and ran outside to catch snowflakes on our tongue and lick the patio pillows.

This light dusting of new snow inspired me to take a few photos of snowflakes around our home.

Outside looking in:

Our snowflake tea light holder from Smile Moon

And finally, a snowflake beeswax impression in our window:

Yours in surprise winter snowfalls,

Simple Mama


  1. Isn't this the greatest day?! We just NOW came in from playing in the snow all day long. Porr DH couldn't drive up our mountain, o our van is at the bottom, but we'll take that for the snow!

  2. Beautiful snow flakes! WE have had many snowfalls here in Colorado and are really enjoying it!

  3. WOW! How exciting.
    Hopefully next year we will get snow up here in the Upper Mountains. We don't get much it melts by mid morning but its enought to get excited about...:)
    We just moved to the upper Mountains 4 months ago, it doesn't get cold enough to get snow in the lower Mountains where we use to live. So when we moved we missed it was too late in the season to snow.:)

    Beautiful pictures on your blog.

  4. Licking the cushions! HAA! That's better then licking the "yummy salty" iceicles found hanging off the exhaust pipe of mommy's car. No wonder I'm so wonky.
    Happy new year!