Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I'm finally starting to feel better. H1N1 is a nasty little bug for sure, but I keep telling myself that I've gained some natural immunity for future strains of the flu virus. Being so sick has severely limited my crafting as of late. In fact, I received a fabulously HUGE batch of wool roving on my birthday last week and didn't even open it up until yesterday, the first time in almost two weeks that I was feeling more human than not.

And oh my! It's glorious wool. Gorgeous. I pulled it out and started preparing it for some much needed creative time. Some of it is being turned into little wool beads and will be used on our advent spiral. Some of it will be turned into colorful rainbow acorns. And some of it will be used to make soft, small wool balls with a tiny bell inside for toddlers to play with. The Little wanted to handle some, so we started in on all those teeny-tiny beads we need to make.

I found some time today to start in on my wool balls. These end up about the size of a tennis ball and children just love them. They're soft enough that I don't need to worry about them being tossed around in the house.

I've finally been able to get back to the little mini wreath Christmas ornaments I had been making before I fell sick. These are made with felted wool sweater scraps - and are a much smaller version (about 3 in diameter) than the large one I just this morning finished and topped off with an orange grosgrain bow.

I'm hoping to teach myself some more needle felting techniques and am on the look out for an excellent book that covers more of the three dimensional aspects of wool crafting. If you know of a great book that I absolutely need to add to my library please, please pass the information along.

Yours in creativity,

Simple Mama

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  1. Love the wreaths and I am hoping to do them too sometime. Every time I go the the thrift store, I can't find any wool sweaters though!! Darn, but I do have some big pieces of wool felt. I got really sick a month or so ago, not H1N1 but some other nasty flu. It was horrible. Glad to find your blog (through are so happy)

  2. You lucky thing getting all that wool for your birthday! And opening it a week later is like having your birthday again, woohoo!

  3. pleased to hear your feeling better, i had this in the summer and it was no fun at all.

    lovely crafting, that door wreath is stunning


  4. I am so sorry to hear that you have been so very ill. Many healing wishes to you! What better a thing than colorful wool roving to heal with : ) Your handwork is incredible! So very, very beautiful! I love the wreath so much and would love to know if you used a 'ball' of roving in the center of the watermelon ball or a form? We have a crown that my kids play with made in the same style of your wreath, so beautiful!

  5. My youngest loved, loved, loved his jingle wool balls when he was in the 1-2 age range. He had so many and we still find them in strange places occasionally. The watermelon one is really cute. :) Have you checked out More Magic Wool? It has lots of direction for making wool figures. The wreaths are adorable!

  6. Love, love that wool! Such glorious colors! I'm so glad you are feeling better, what a wonderful treat to lift your spirits! I have been looking through the book More Magic Wool to learn more about felting dolls and figures, I think it's been the best one I've seen so far. I can't wait to see more of your creations!

    By the way, your photos are amazing! So spectacular!

  7. Thank you for all the kind words. :) I'm off to look up Magic Wool. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Gardenmama - I do use wool batting as my center for the balls. I thought about a form, such as a tennis ball, but decided I wanted to keep the entire ball made out of natural materials.

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better :D I do love that wreath and the re-using of wool garments for the felt.

  9. Sorry about the sicks-- it seems to be everywhere right now! But to be on the mend with such lovely wool surrounding you....that must be a good thing! Those felt projects look *so* beautiful, and that photo of tippy toes on the chair-- oh, my!