Monday, November 2, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin paid us a visit Halloween night. In the end, I'm not sure The Little fully understands the concept of Halloween or The Great Pumpkin. He did manage to finally grasp that you're supposed to say, "Trick-or-Treat" when you walk up to a new door - only his version comes out more like, "Tit-or Teet." *Sigh* What are you gonna do?

After The Little and Super Hubby came home from trick-or-treating my sweet toddler helped pass out candy to the last few stragglers that came ringing our door bell. When I accidentally reached down into HIS candy bowl, rather than the community candy bowl to give a piece of chocolate to the cutest little Corpse Bride you've ever seen The Little screamed like I was pulling his eyelashes out.

My mistake.

I quickly grabbed the candy from the other container.

When the evening was over he was distraught at the thought of leaving all that glorious candy downstairs while he went upstairs to sleep. We tried explaining to him that the candy would be fine, and that in the morning The Great Pumpkin would have paid a visit during the night - taking the candy with him and leaving a wonderful surprise in it's place.

Of course all he heard was that the Great Pumpkin was going to Take. His. Candy!

Super Hubby managed to gather up The Little, shrieking, exhausted, flailing limbs and all and get him upstairs where he promptly fell asleep.

And true to our word, The Great Pumpkin came sometime in the middle of the early morning hours leaving a surprise in place of all the candy.

I would have preferred to craft something myself for The Little, but being ill this week really threw a wrench in all my best laid plans. It doesn't seem to matter too much though..The Little loves his new books about dinosaurs and not-so-scary monsters. And all that candy he was so fearful of leaving alone downstairs? He hasn't asked for it once.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Simple Mama


  1. those books look great,am sure he'll enjoy them more than sweets
    big love

  2. A great idea, glad the pumpkin took away the sweets and left something of value.

  3. I like the title of the first one. Nice thing for the Great Pumpkin to do.

  4. What a great idea, well thought of. And the books look great. Yes, Im 30 years old with no kids, but is it bad that I want to read "Im going to eat you"?


  5. Oh my goodness. I've never heard of someone doing this, and I think it's amazing! Is this something that people do and I've never heard of it? What a great thing to take away all that sugar and leave something good for him instead! I will definitely store this away for when I have littles of my own. :)

  6. Kristina,
    We never did this when I was growing up - the first time I heard about it was two years ago from my cousin-in-law who is an amazing mama. I believe they call The Great Pumpkin the Halloween Fairy in their home - and I thought the idea was brilliant and knew I wanted to use the idea when our son was old enough to trick-or-treat.

  7. What a great idea! I wish you'd shared it with me, oh, 7 years ago or so! To implement it now would cause huge havoc with my silly boys! However, we only allow 1 piece per day for about 2 weeks, and then it just disappears. We've already taken out all of the stuff with food coloring in it at least. :-)