Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Change is on the Horizon.

Felted fall flowers created by me and HerdisE on

There are signs of autumn in the air this week. Cooler temperatures, a few leaves changing colors on nearby trees. The crisp scent of fall looms. I always think to myself, "Why does summer have to end? It's my favorite time of year!" With warm temperatures, bountiful gardens, sprinklers and snow cones - how could one not love these long, beautiful, sun-shiney days? Surely it would be best to have summer year round? And then one morning, inevitably I wake up. And change is in the air. Late summer vegetables are at their peak. Flip-flops give way to socks and hiking boots. Bread starts baking in the stove. And I think to myself, "Autumn is my favorite season of the year."

Today I am thankful I live in such a wonderful location. A place where seasons come as surely as day turns into night. I am thankful for Chrysanthemums, apple cider, warm pumpkin bread, and the color orange. I am thankful for autumn!

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