Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mr. B Thinks Blogging is For People Who Don't Care About Security

"It might be a solo adventure for you. " He tells me.

You know...because I plan on posting our address, social security numbers and bank account information online. Along with pant inseams and necktie size.

Starting a blog is always such an ordeal. I would know..I've tried it twice now. (And I should mention that to the best of my knowledge I've not had anyone steal my identity from those previous blogs) How much of the previous week, month, year, your life do you include? Do you just pick up where you are and start blogging? I never really know. For now, I've just decided to roll with the punches and start from the present. After all, the title of this blog roll is Homemade Serenity. No point in making things harder than I need to. We'll see where this blog takes me, and how long I keep up with it. Anyone want to keep a running tab on how long I remain identity theft free?

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