Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Lego Party - Part Two

When I asked my friend Amy to take photos of H's 5th birthday party I knew she'd do a great job, but I wasn't prepared for just how beautifully she'd capture all the special moments that made up that great day.    There's just so much to share and tell, so I'll jump right back in.

After we spent some time outside, it became clear that the kids (and adults) were getting warm.  We moved everyone inside for our version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey...only this time it was Pin the Birthday Number on the Minifig.  I found a basic black and white outline of a classic minifigure online and had my local print shop enlarge it for me.   Using the same Avery round label stickers we used for the water bottles, we made #5 stickers for each child.   We wrote their name on the front of the sticker and had them try to get as close the number 5 on the minifig's chest as possible.  We had a couple of peekers...but it was all great fun. 

The kids cooled off, and it was back outside for cupcakes and singing.

There are those stickers again!   I had NO idea they'd come in so handy.   The cupcakes were homemade, white wrappers were gluten free vanilla and red wrappers were regular vanilla.    Can you tell it was my first time frosting cupcakes?   My best friend drove down to help with final party prep a night early and we laughed and laughed about how "artistic" and "homemade" they looked. 
We played "Guess How Many Legos?"
And just generally had fun.....

We made our way back inside for presents.  I was torn about opening presents during the party.  When I was a kid, we always opened presents during the party, but it seems that this is out of fashion nowadays.  I've been to many parties where the presents sit discretely out of the way until after all the kids leave.   I'm not sure the reason for this change in social norm, but I decided I wanted my son to open his gifts while his friends were there.  If for no other reason than for a gentle lesson in grace and thankfulness.   And, it seemed, all the kids wanted him to open their gifts while they were at the party as well.  So that's what we did.
After we finished unwrapping presents, we had two things happening simultaneously.   The mother of all balloon fights broke out, and kids took turns having their photos snapped in our homemade photo booth - which was really just a large piece of wrapping paper tacked to the wall.   It was noisy, crazy, exhilarating fun!
It was such a perfect day.   The kids all had a great time giggling, playing, socializing, running around and gorging themselves on sweets.  My beautiful boy told me later that it was his most favorite day ever, and is busy "planning" his next birthday party.   Me?  I'd be remiss if I didn't admit I've already started thinking about the next party too.  I had as much fun as he did.    Thank you again to everyone who helped put this party together...from decorations, to sweet treats, to set up, to photography.  You helped us make some very special memories together. 
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