Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Putting Food By

Pardon my absence. I've been busy doing this:

spicy plum sauce, salsa verde, pickled pears, mixed pickled veggies, blackberry lemonade concentrate, zucchini relish

And turning some of this into a plum chutney:
And then there were these:spicy dilly beans

And some of these:

Which are so delicious!

Mexican style spicy pickled carrots

and turning these:dried elderberries

Into this:elderberry syrup

Yes - we've been elbow deep in produce, fruit, and canning jars. We're getting ready to tackle the tomatoes and pears next. Salsa, spaghetti sauce, and vanilla pears soon to be on our shelves.

How is your autumn canning going?

Simple Mama


  1. There is nothing like preserving for the store stump. cheers Marie

  2. How were you able to create Elderberry syrup? I'm intriqued!

  3. I'll track down my recipe and post it soon. Basically I use dehydrated elderberries, water, and sugar, boiled on the stove and then bottled.