Thursday, April 14, 2011

Make It! Easter Egg Wreath

After blowing all those eggs and dyeing them with silk ties, I was left with more than a few that didn't turn out quite as brightly or vibrantly as I would have liked. I have our favorites piled together in an old goldfish bowl...but the light ones? I wasn't sure what to do with them until I ran across some reindeer moss and a wreath frame at the dollar store. Inspiration!

For this project you'll need:

About 1 dozen blown eggs, plain or decorated
1 small wreath frame
2 packages of reindeer moss
Hot glue and glue gun
Hemp twine
1 paper clip
Scotch Tape

Let me start by suggesting that you work on a piece of butcher paper, craft paper, etc. Moss is messy, and it's so easy to just sweep the whole mess up into the paper and compost it when you're done.

Begin by dabbing a bit of hot glue onto your frame and placing a bit of moss on it. Work in small sections and work quickly, or your glue will harden before you get the moss applied. Continue working your way around the frame, adding a bit of hot glue and a bit of moss until your frame is completely covered. Once your form is covered in the soft moss, fill in any bald spots. I pressed the moss firmly into the glue, but be careful not to burn yourself doing this.

After your wreath form is completely covered in moss, add a good dollop of hot glue on top of the moss in a small section. Pick out a blown egg and press it down into the hot glue gently, but firmly. Continue adding eggs all the way around the wreath. Leave a small space open at the top to add a hanging ribbon.

Gently turn your wreath over so that it's resting on the eggs. Using a unbent paperclip and a small piece of scotch tape, tape your hemp string to the end of the paper clip. Carefully thread the hemp string through one end of a blown egg and out the other. Tie the hemp in a neat knot at the back of your wreath to help hold each egg in place a little more firmly. Make sure to get the eggs good and tight against the wreath, but use caution not to pull the string too tightly, or you'll break your eggs. I speak from experience. Once all your eggs are firmly tied to the wreath, you can use your scissors to trim any wayward excess hemp string.

Pick a pretty grosgrain ribbon and hang your wreath from a nail or wreath hanger. I love how organic and natural this darling wreath turned out! I plan on making one using plain brown and white eggs as well.

Happy Spring!
Simple Mama


  1. this is really cute. if only i didn't have way too many easter crafts on my list already...

  2. Magnificent!! Those eggs turned out incredible!

  3. just gorgeous! I will be trying this out for easter this year!