Saturday, April 2, 2011

Have Dandelions Ever Been as Sweet?

The Boy picked his first bouquet of the season. He didn't pick the daffodils blooming in our flower bed, or the crocus out front. Nope. It was dandelions of course. Stubby little things, as they haven't had long to grow and take root. We have more than I'd care to admit, since we don't use chemical lawn treatments in our yard, and I was just thinking to myself that I needed to get out there and start digging them up. The Boy beat me to the punch, although there is surely much more digging and pulling to be done.

Without long stems, we weren't sure where to put them. My traditional flower jar, a washed out mason canning jar was simply too big. Even the few shot glasses that I have tucked back far in the dark confines of my cupboard would be too large. (Yeah...they were double shot glasses, but who's telling? I had a different life and a bunch of years in college/grad school under my belt before I started down this parenting road, but I digress.)

Then I threw this together:

And seriously. Have dandelions ever looked as sweet as they do here, in this little blown egg perched cheerfully in an inexpensive egg cup? Invasive weed perfection. Pick away my child. Mama loves this little bouquet.

Growing where I'm planted,
Simple Mama


  1. simply gorgeous! love the creative ways you use these lovely eggs.

    my school program is dubbed *dandelion hill* so i have a special affinity for them. they are edible, you know. we have made dandelion tea, cookies, dye (different colors from flowers and roots), and salad of course!

  2. Stubby bouquets -- a sure sign of spring. Love it!