Monday, March 14, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

We spent part of the weekend working on clearing a path in the garage so that we might actually be able to reach our seed starting shelves and get started on sprouting all sorts of wonderful things for our garden. The process of boxing up items for Goodwill, pulling out broken items beyond repair for our local dump and recycling what we could spurred my need to get down and dirty with some serious decluttering. Spring is almost upon us and it's time to lighten our load.

While I've been decluttering our home the last few days I'm reminded of those things in my home that have been carefully chosen to stay. Items that are beautiful, useful, or loved. I've decided that I'll start sharing some of those things with you each week. Some of my favorite things.

The message above our dining room table.

Our air plant hanging in the entry

Our mantel. I especially love this area. The candlestick holders belonged to my mother. The wood clock was something we picked up on a trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The artwork was created by my 3 year old son.

Our guest bedroom. It's actually my favorite bedroom in the house, and I've been known to sneak in there some evenings after everyone is asleep. The down comforter is soft as a ...well...a feather. The pillow was cross stitched by my grandmother. The bunting was a trade with a fellow Etsy artist. It's such a peaceful spot for me.

So the decluttering continues. I think that often times we're discontent with what we have because we can't SEE what we have. We pile stuff on every single surface. Nail pictures up on every single wall. The clutter gets in the way of the peace and tranquility we long for our
homes to exude.

I'm going to work hard this year to rid myself of some of that extra "weight" that keeps our house bogged down. To remind myself that yes, less is more. What are some of your decluttering goals for the rest of the year?

Simple Mama


  1. Lovely! You know... You could always crochet a sweater for some of those shells... Ala the Curious Pebble! ;)

  2. Would that I knew how to crochet. :)