Monday, March 21, 2011


Growing borax crystals and wildflowers inside egg shells. The boy planted the flowers by himself to ring in Spring!

"I knew when Spring was come -
Not by the murmurous hum
Of bees in the willow-trees,
or frills
of daffodils,
Or the scent of the breeze;
But because there were whips and tops
By the Jars of lollipops
In the two little village shops..."

- from "The Calendar"
by Barbara Euphan Todd.

Lighting our special braided rainbow beeswax candle for dinner.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring! full of growth and new beginnings.

Simple Mama


  1. ooh! crystals in egg shells (rainbow no less!). i love it! that is a very special candle, indeed. happy spring!!

  2. You always have such inspiring ideas!
    Did you make the rainbow candle and if you
    did when you selling them in you etsy shop? :)
    If not where did you get it, it's so beautiful.
    ~Happy Spring~

    Oona Nicholas

  3. Oona - you are so sweet. I didn't make the rainbow candle. I actually picked it up from a vendor at Pikes Place Market in Seattle, but I seem to have lot his business card.