Wednesday, February 2, 2011

St. Martin

St. Martin was simply a beach day for us. My son was still feeling too icky for anything other than playing outside for a few hours. Sounds strange, right? Playing outside when you have a cold. But I figured we could spend the hours in our stateroom watching mindless TV, or he could be out in the waves and water dealing with his stuffy nose there. We opted for the water.

We grabbed a taxi and headed over to the French side of the island. Most people asked to go to Orient Beach. Orient, to my understanding can feel a bit like a full on circus on busy days. We were looking for something a little quieter. A little more local. We opted for Le Galion, also called Coconut Grove, Baie de l´Embouchure, and nicknamed "Baby Beach". It was just a 3 or 4 minute car ride from the clothing optional section of Orient, but had a local vibe to it. The beach is part of a preserve and buffeted from harsh waves by a huge coral reef. You could walk out 20 to 30 yards and still not be up to your waste. The perfect beach for just lazing around.

He's way cool.

Contemplating joining in on the play. He ultimately decided he wanted to just play by himself.

It's a rough life.

When you're done in the sun, you can grab a quick bite to eat at the Tropical Wave just up the beach. They'll even call a taxi to come pick you up. A great little beach. Uncrowded, white sand, just enough toplessness to feel exotic. I keep thinking if we go back to St. Martin we might explore other coves and area, but I really feel like we hit it right on the money with this stop at Le Galion.

San Juan and the El Yunque National Rainforest next.

Wrapping up Caribbean vacation...
Simple Mama

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