Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Don't You Make Rainbow Rice?

We needed a fun, colorful activity during one of our many recent gray, rainy days. Rainbow rice fit the bill perfectly.

I first read about rainbow rice on the ForesterClan blog here.

We followed the instructions for Rainbow Rice using food coloring and my own tube watercolor paints. I just squirted a dab of watercolor into a baggy, added a tablespoon of water and a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. I'm cheap and wanted to use what we had on hand. After the bags of rice were completely mixed, I dried them on a fruit leather rack in my dehydrator. It took each bag about 15 minutes to dry completely. Look how pretty the colors are!

Of course H wouldn't let the colors stay separate for long. He went right to work mixing them up.

A few old kitchen utensils and a play rug to help corral the mess equals hours of fun. Clean up is a breeze. A quick vacuum of the area and wash of the hands (yes, the color on the rice does come off on your hands a bit - so have wipes or a bathroom sink available.)

Such a fun, rainy day project!

I'll be gone from this space for a while - taking a vacation to the Southern Caribbean. Pictures when we come back, rejuvenated and sun tanned.

Much love,
Simple Mama


  1. nice activity. looks very fun (and messy...which just means more fun really). Love that a quick vacuum can solve all the troubles!

  2. What a gorgeous idea! I'm mixing some up tonight so I'll see how it goes. Have a great break.

  3. No - I wouldn't eat it. It's made with watercolor paint, which shouldn't be ingested. We usually compost it when we're done playing with it.

  4. You can also make this using Kool-Aid for scented rice.

  5. Love it! We made ours with 1/8 cup rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Super easy, dries really fast, and so much fun!