Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unexpected Gifts

When Christine posted on Facebook the pictures of her new Wichtelmen for sale in her shop at The Puppenstube, both my son and I fell in love with a darling little Wichtelman that reminded us of Santa. My son clapped in delight when he saw the photo online, and didn't want me to stray away from the page. I messaged Christine letting her know how much my son loved the red outfitted Wichtelman with snowy white beard.

Imagine my surprise when a few days later an unexpected package came in the mail from The Puppenstube. I opened the package when my son was occupied with something else and was rendered speechless. Inside was our Santa Wichtelman from "The Puppenstube Elf." I am still floored when I think of the generosity that Christine bestowed upon my little family this holiday season.

My plan was to wrap the Wichtelman and surprise my son on Christmas morning. It was not to be, however. The three year old had other plans. With a few weeks to go before Christmas, and only two packages under the tree at the time, he took it upon himself to open both of them. And of course he was thrilled that "Santa" had come to visit.

And so it was two weeks ago that we started what I hope will be a new Christmas tradition. Our Santa Elf sits in an undetermined location each morning. And each morning, my son runs around the house trying to locate him. He tells "Little Santa" good morning each and every day. He converses with "Little Santa" about what he wants for Christmas, and how the day went before he heads up to bed. And Little Santa in kind, returns to the North Pole each night with and recalls my son's activities to the Big Man himself, Santa Claus.

I've been careful to keep rewards and punishment out of this new tradition though. I refuse to have Little Santa be a reporter of "bad behavior" as I don't believe that children should feel like Christmas is about rewards and punishments. Rather, Little Santa is merely a Christmas elf friend who keeps Santa apprised of how wonderful and magical my son's day is (and of course his desires for Christmas.)

Christmas is about generosity of spirit, love, kindness, and hope - all things which Christine possesses naturally and in abundance. We are truly blessed to count her as a friend.

Wishing you friendship and a season full of giving and generosity,
Simple Mama


  1. he is adorable!! what a big heart christine has. ;)

  2. Oh he is just lovely, many thanks for stopping by my blog, cheers Marie

  3. Sweet sweet story. Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas Danita and family.