Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mama Blessing

If you haven't had the opportunity to participate in a Mama Blessing, or a Blessingway as it's sometimes known, you might consider hosting one for a pregnant, soon-to-be-new-mama in your life.

A mama blessing gathers together women who are important to the pregnant mama so that she feels safe, loved, empowered and blessed. It's different from a baby shower as it focuses solely on the mother and encourages her to explore that which lies ahead of her. So much of our pregnancy journey prepares us for the physical aspects of birthing, and we've lost touch with preparing for the emotional and mental aspects of birthing and new motherhood. A Mama Blessing bridges that gap.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Mama Blessing for my dear friend Karyn:

Karyn and I met originally on Mothering dot com. When we had the opportunity to meet in real life, we just hit it off. She's now been a blessing in my life for over a year.

Here are few more photos from her Mama Blessing:

Karyn's Mother-in-law writing words of wisdom and advice in a journal

Her beautiful post-partum doula, Trish. I was instantly drawn to Trish. She's a baby whisperer with an inner light that is incredibly soothing. And she has a sense of humor that had me in stitches all evening.

The Earth Mama I made especially for Karyn.

Lighting candles and verbally expressing a wish for her soon-to-be-born child.

Our beautiful friend, Bethann. Her dress was AMAZING.

The cord that connects us all. We took turns wrapping the cord around our wrists while we named all the important women that came before us. When we were done, we were all connected to each other. We then cut the cord, and tied our piece to our wrist. We'll wear our bracelet in honor of Karyn until we hear that she has safely birthed her babe, at which point we will symbolically cut the cord from our wrist.

The one photo I didn't manage to take last night involved the birth necklace. We each brought a bead, (or two or three) to symbolize our own children. We gave the beads to Karyn and she will string them onto a necklace. The necklace can be used as a focal point during labor, and as a nursing necklace when the babe comes (to keep little wandering fingers occupied. I wish I had known about nursing necklaces when The Little was, well, little, as he was a twiddler (ahem.))

And one more of Karyn. Isn't she gorgeous?

Blessings to you Karyn. We're all anxiously awaiting your newest arrival.

Simple Mama


  1. Blessingways are beautiful. What a special time to share with your friend.

  2. she's so gorgeous! darn, looks like i missed all the good parts. Ugh. I guess my boobs and feet arent very photogenic, cuz there's none of me. LOL. Great pics, danita. Great to meet you!

  3. Beautiful...:)
    I loved the idea of the birth necklace.

  4. Great pictures! :)

  5. i know a mamma who we could host a blessing. Cannot post as she hasnt announced but will be able to tell you soon. As always great blog. You inspire me. Maybe one day you will be able to read mine.

  6. I'm so bummed. I had to cut my bracelet off this afternoon. I wrapped it too tightly and it was making my hand swell. :-( Anyway, love the blog post and thank you again for the doll. She is beautiful!