Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thoughtful Sunday

My baby brother is home on a weekend pass from Fort Polk, Louisiana. It was such a surprise to hear his voice earlier this week and find out that was flying back up to the rainy Pacific Northwest to visit family.

His choice to join the Army was a decision that was very difficult for me for a variety of reasons which I don't need to go into. However, seeing him this weekend, how happy he is, how much he loves what he's doing, how he still loves to interact and spend time with his nephew has relieved some of my fears and concerns.

I managed to snap this photo of The Little and my baby brother relaxing on the couch looking at his dog tags. It's one that I'll treasure forever. I worry about him regularly. And I don't expect that's something that will change anytime soon. But he's a grown man with a college degree who is following his dreams and making good on his goals. I respect that.

Yours in growth and acceptance,

Simple Mama


  1. Good for you! :) I imagine that would be hard, but being a loving, supportive sister is the right way to go. That's a VERY sweet photo.

  2. (((HUGS))). Us older sisters try to take responsibility for our younger siblings all too often, like little mother hens we are. I suppose that is what we must remember when the child of our womb that we had pictured singing in the choir instead is making computations in the math club, or our football player joins the drama club. What makes them happy? :) Lovely picture and lovely post.