Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing Indiana Jones

Where to start? In my quest to keep our home as free of commercialism as possible, I failed to give Super Hubby the memo that his Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones for the Xbox should not be played in front of The Little.

In all fairness, these two games are relatively harmless as far as video games go - and The Little was introduced to the games during one of my down periods, in which I was recovering from a back injury and Super Hubby was trying to keep him entertained and quiet.

But now my child is OBSESSED with Indiana Jones and Star Wars. OBSESSED.

So much so that a week ago I awoke from a nap we took together with his sweet little hands pressed firmly on either side of my face, his eyes intent on mine. "Mama!" He whispered. "Dadda home? Dadda Jones hat? Please Jones hat?" Which in toddler speak translated into, "When is daddy getting home and bringing me my Indiana Jones hat?"

Hmmm. As far as I know, we hadn't made any promises of an Indiana Jones hat. But it didn't seem to matter much. He was positive that Dadda was going to bring him home an Indiana Jones hat.

And when that didn't happen? Hysteria. Pure, unadulterated hysteria.

For the past week, anytime he sees someone in a fedora, or even a cowboy hat for that matter, the excited chatter starts. "Mama! Jones hat! See mama! Jones hat!"
And it doesn't end there. He found a leather craft strip in my pile of supplies and it has served as his "Jones whip." We've kindly reminded him again and again that Indiana Jones only uses his whip outdoors.


There are worse characters to idolize I suppose than an educated college professor who likes to spend time outdoors exploring the world.

So today, while I was at the thrift store looking for silk ties (I'll reference these ties again in the near future - keep your eyes open), we found the perfect Indiana Jones hat. For fifty cents and hours of pure joy I couldn't turn him down. He's been inseparable from his hat all day. And shortly before we left the thrift store he picked up a long leather belt - a Jones whip to round up all those "bad guys, Mama!"

It makes you realize though, how slowly and surely commercialism creeps into our lives though, doesn't it? My almost 3 year old already knows who Indiana Jones is. He gets the concept of good and bad guys. He's choosing to emulate the good ones.

I'll consider it a parenting triumph and plan for hours of outdoor Indiana Jones creativity this summer. Running, whooping, climbing, digging, and bad guy getting.

Making the best of it,

Simple Mama


  1. I am so feeling you here. My oldest 3 go to visit other parents who do not share our point of view on commercialism and tv/video games. Sigh. What's a mama to do? My middle boy is obsessed with both Indiana Jones and Star Wars as well. We try to limit it, mostly because Finn has no idea yet, but also because we know he gets SO much of that at his other parents' house so we try to encourage other play at our house. It is very adorable to see your boy in his "Jones" hat. :)

  2. isn't that how life works. so glad it worked out though!

  3. That hat sure does look handsome on him :)

  4. You might move to a desert island and shoo away all the ships that approach shore, but sooner or later life creeps in. Just no keeping out 'culture.' We live in a world that idolizes things that many of us find shallow and cheap. The best you can do is teach your children what you believe (they may not choose your beliefs, but that's not the point), teach them to be their own people, teach them to believe in something bigger than themselves, teach them to be kind. Sometimes it feels like so little, but in the end it is so much. My sons are grown. They turned every peaceful toy we ever gave them into guns. We didn't have a television. They somehow about projectiles en utero. Just love your boy and let him love you. It's all. It's enough.

  5. you always make the best of it...and if I do say so, he's a cute Indiana Jones!

  6. here's to making the best of it!