Friday, March 19, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Oh how I love the Pacific Northwest. Knowing that today was going to be an exceptionally beautiful day, my good friend Jene and I packed up the little ones and made a day trek to the beach.

I love all beaches - warm ones, cold ones, drizzly ones, sunny ones, but the Pacific coast holds a special place in my heart. She has rugged shores, dark cold sand and even colder waters. She's dangerous, beautiful, untouched, and one of the most beautiful places I know of in the world.

We made a quick stop at The Blue Heron to eat a picnic lunch and feed the petting zoo animals:

And then we headed to Rockaway Beach where we spent most of the time digging in the sand. I loved that Jene's daughter was bundled up in a pink snow suit:

We fed the seagulls:

We demolished pre-existing sand castles:

We looked cute:

We pretended our play silk was a kite:

And we got wet!

It was a perfect spring day at the beach!

Yours in embracing the moments,

Simple Mama


  1. Looks like a beautiful day all around. I grew up on the coast of Northern California, and I so miss the beach. Nothing like it

  2. What a great day! We are spending the weekend at the beach coming up next month. I can't wait!!

  3. Stunning pictures :D I love going to the beach too, an hour and half drive away is the east coast, one particualer place we love is Waihi Beach this also looks out over the Pacific Ocean. So next time you look out at the ocean give me a wave(haha no pun intended) I could be on the other side of the water!

  4. lovely photos.I must take our big play silk when we go after seeing these.

  5. What a beautiful and fun day! Love the playsilk kite and feeding the animals. Happy spring!

  6. Gorgeous! I haven't seen the ocean in person since I was 10 years old. That was 21 years ago, now. :)

  7. oh, how i miss that coastline! so glad you enjoy it in all seasons. ;) thanks for sharing those gorgeous pics of your silk at the sea. we really should travel with our silks more! happy, happy spring!!