Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Where has the winter gone? I'm looking out our windows and I noticed for the first time this morning all the neighborhood flowering plum trees are doing just that - flowering. Beautiful pink buds gracing their limbs against the gray and blue sky today.

Spring is just around the corner, and in that line of thought I've been working on felted Easter eggs.

Solid, all wool needle felted eggs:

Hollow wet felted eggs with a blanket stitch for extra durability. An alternative to plastic eggs. (The blanket stitch confounds me regularly. I can never start the stitch off correctly - it's always crooked. Pointers welcome)

I also plan on creating some yellow chick jingle balls that will fit inside the hollow eggs, and maybe, if I can find the time, some cute little bunnies.

We had a brief, (very brief) moment when the sun was streaming in through our window this morning, and I couldn't help but snap a few photos of my wool supply. It's currently housed in our living room. I would LOVE to have a dedicated room for felting, crafting, painting, etc., but I'm finding it just too difficult to have all these items removed from the main living area of the house. My son plays in our living room. Colors on the kitchen table, splashes in the sink. Moving my craft area to a different room would mean I couldn't keep an eye on him. So for now it sits as best as I can organize it, in the living room.

Yes, I have a bit of a wool roving obsession:

What you don't see in that picture is the huge box of beautiful wool batting from East Earl Woolen Mill, or the two huge boxes of wool roving that didn't fit in the bins. Is there a self help group for people like me?

Yours in anticipation of spring,

Simple Mama


  1. i learned everything i know about the beloved blanket stitch from futuregirl. in the link below she shows you so many helpful bits about starting, what to do if you run out of thread half way through, and how to b.s. if you aren't going all the way around. so helpful!

    love to see all that colorful wool together! does your son love to play there? my daughter would not be able to keep her hands away! ;)

  2. beautiful eggs - and the colors are all so pretty!

  3. Love your colors, your photos, your projects!

  4. Momma Rae...thanks for the link!

    Surprisingly, my son leaves the wool alone. He'll play with things once I'm done making them, but doesn't have much interest in the wool itself, with the exception laying in the basket of wool like it's a soft bed.

  5. The eggs are so cute! I made so many felted (and crocheted) eggs last year (enough for an egg hunt) that I have plenty to spare this year so I might work on some knitted ones this time. All that wool is SO lovely! I want to come play!