Friday, February 12, 2010

Pardon our Absence

This is certain to be a rather rambling post of nothing in particular. I'm catching up on nearly a weeks absence.

We've had another round of cold and flu season in our home. Nothing too serious - just enough to throw a wrench in regular blogging, creativity and life in general. Super Hubby has been home the last 3 days recuperating and The Little has had a persistent cough and runny nose. It's hard watching the men you love not feel well. Thankfully, I think they are both on the mend.

Over the past week, this is what we've been up to:

Admiring blue skies and budding trees:

Leaving more treats for the birds:

Playing in the green grass:

And making Valentine's Day frames for Grandma and Daddy:

Complete with copious amounts of glitter:

Over the next two weeks we'll break our "limited TV rule" and engage in watching extensive coverage of the Winter Olympics. I do love the Olympics. Perhaps because of a decided lack of athleticism on my part - I marvel at Olympian spirit, strength, and determination.

Before I forget, it's Mega Swagbucks Friday! If you don't know what that is, see this post

And a final picture:

A flickr request for a self portrait within 5 minutes of reading the note. Yikes! Here I am. Hair unbrushed, no make-up (per usual), doing the early-morning-haven't had coffee yet-shuffle!

Love to you and yours this Valentine's Day weekend,

Simple Mama


  1. I love your self portrait! How fun!

  2. Love the picture of the little painting. He looks so intent. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

    PS. I created a Pandora station based on Falling Slowly, and I'm loving it. :) Thanks!

  3. hope you are all well soon!!