Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On Cookies, Wine, and Girlfriends.

Sometimes a girl just needs good friends. And wine. And cookies. It's like the trinity of amazingness.

Last night was one of those evenings when all three came together. A planned MNO - or Mom's Night Out.

10 wonderful women came together with 8 dozen cookies each to exchange. A delicious pot luck was enjoyed. Laughter was exchanged. And the conversation was delightful.

I'm so blessed to know these women. Each strong, beautiful, and wonderful in her own way. I met them initially online - in a natural family/parenting forum. They've served as a lifeline of sorts. Even when I'm unable to get together with them on a regular basis - knowing that there are women, mothers, families out there with similar interests and parenting styles to ours makes me feel less isolated.

Babes in arms welcome - Bethann and her sweet baby girl.

I love my crunchy mama friends. I love their advice, their opinions, their encouragement, and their understanding. Some I've known now for over a year, others I've just recently met. And I consider myself blessed to know them all.

Angie's amazing tatoo

Thank you mamas, for an evening of laughter, food, and just a wee bit too much wine for me. This last picture is proof that I don't handle my wine as well as I used to.

Yours in the camaraderie of motherhood
Simple Mama


  1. aww, I am so glad you had some serious yummy girltime!

  2. It was wonderful to see you! And must I say that you are on top of things! I haven't even loaded my pics onto the computer yet. lol And I also must say that D. who has had too much wine is a joy to be around. :)


  3. what a beautiful and supportive group!

  4. hehe. I'm glad you had a good time! We all need time like that occasionally. I have a group like that too (not exactly crunchy, but they tolerate my crunchiness so I guess that works) and we're actually having a couple-only Christmas party Saturday that I'm super-excited about. :) I agree about the cookies...and wine...especially the wine!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening.

  6. so envious that you have a group of kindred spirit mamas to share your way of life with. I don't really have anyone around here that is even remotely similar to my girls and me. What a wonderful evening spent!

  7. That is the one thing I miss so much about living in the city. I made many mama friends that way, and we used to get together from time to time. I don't have that here and I have been feeling really alone. I'm so glad you have that, because it is such a wonderful feeling. I didn't realize how much I would miss it when I left it behind.