Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Tree

Perhaps it was the freezing cold temperatures. Perhaps it was the fact that nap time loomed just around the corner. Perhaps we were just lucky - but our search for the perfect Christmas tree was blessedly short this year.

When we arrived at the tree farm we still weren't sure whether we would chop our own, or take a pre-cut tree.

As we walked to visit the petting zoo first, Super Hubby pointed to a pre-cut tree that was just being set into place and mentioned we should check it out on our way back.

But first things first - The animals. We didn't do much petting so much as we did looking. It was just too cold to have hands out for very long.

As we left the animal barn we did stop to take a look at the tree Super Hubby suggested. And you know what? It was perfect. Yes, it lists just a little to the right - but it's full and beautiful. And if I remember correctly I believe it's a Noble Fir. (And no...our tree isn't pictured below..but it seems to be the only photo I had of the tree farm proper.)

So we brought it home after paying for some additional Holly and Mistle Toe, and let it acclimate to our home over night. The Little and Super Hubby strung lights and waited patiently to place our ornaments on the tree - tomorrows post.

Yours in search of the perfect holiday tree,

Simple Mama


  1. All Christmas trees are perfect once they get home and are lovingly hung with ornaments and lights.
    Enjoy. Warm wishes.

  2. I miss having a tree in my home during the holidays. I try to get a wreath, or at least a few boughs of evergreen to hang on the walls, but it just isn't the same as a real tree to decorate and to enjoy the sight of.

    But then, when one is pressed for space and money, one learns to take joy in what one has, and I've learned that even that small bough of evergreen on the wall makes me feel content inside.