Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Oh, how we love the pumpkin patch at our house! Such a wonderful time, picking out that perfect orange squash:

Visiting the petting zoo:

Getting kissed by a soft, wet, cow nose:

Finding yourself lost in a hay maze:

Riding a pony:

Riding a tractor:

Shucking Corn:

Turning the corn into chicken feed:

Playing in the corn pit:

Launching pumpkins:

Taking a break:

Making sure the belly button is still with us:

And coming home covered in mud:

A perfect, rainy, muddy, wonderful autumn day at the pumpkin patch!

Yours in harvest fun,

Simple Mama


  1. where did you guys go? We went to Lees farm yesterday and were really disappointed.

  2. Nicole,

    I'm not sure where Lees farm is. We went to Bizi Farm in North Vancouver.

    We used to go to Kruger Farms on Sauvie Island - which may be closer to you depending on where you live in PDX. Lots of fun there.

  3. I so miss the pumpkin patch. Since moving back to the mountains we have discovered that most little adventures like that are just too far away to be practical. I blame it on industrialization of culture. Oh well, I think we'll go for a hike this evening. That looks like great fun!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photos!
    It sounds and looks like a lovely day : )

  5. What a cutie pie! We still have to make our annual pumpkin patch trek. I know our boys would love a corn pit :)!

  6. Great photos! We always enjoy our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch! Glad you had fun!

  7. You have quite a happening pumpkin patch! I love those corn pits. They make sand boxes seem so outdated!

  8. I LOVE it! I was blogging tonight and I had to stop when I got to my pumpkin patch photos... too many and too overwhelming! A job for another day!

  9. What fun! We've been rained out every weekend so far and haven't made it to any of our local pumpkin patches (they all seem to reserve the weekdays for school trips and other children can't participate in anything other than picking out a pumpkin on those days)

    I love the playing in the corn picture. It looks like so much fun! And the goat picture....ah...I love goats.

  10. That cow nose basically makes me melt. So cute.

    Sparrow LOVES horses. Pony rides can be somewhat dangerous because as soon as the pony stops, the screaming starts. Luckily(?) petting zoo season is over for us; maybe by the time it starts up again we'll be able to reason with Sparrow better. I hope.

    Please. :)