Sunday, October 25, 2009

To market, to market...

We spent the morning at our local farmers market enjoying the nice(ish) weather on one of the last two weekends it's open for the season.

We sampled some local apples:

Picked up a bouquet of flowers:

Admired the produce:

Stopped to talk to the balloon lady and bring home a very special balloon dragon. If you look closely you can see The Little's shoes in the round mirror beside her.

We munched on some popcorn and some cookies:

And brought home some cold packed Mt. Saint Helen's Barbecue Smoked Cold Packed Pickled Garlic (I. Am. Not. Getting. Sick) from The Garlic Lady

The springtime Farmers Market with her tender salad greens, crisp peas and daffodils seems like a far off place at the moment. Thankfully I live in an area where organic eating and local produce is available in some manner or another most of the year - but there is still nothing quite like being able to walk up and street, stopping to chat with local artisans and farmers each weekend. We're looking forward to the market re-opening already.

Yours in supporting local agriculture and small businesses,

Simple Mama.


  1. I so wish we had a Farmer's Market. We have a produce stand, but it is trucked in from North Carolina and isn't organic. There are some local things, like honey and potatoes. The apples there are really good right now. Beautiful pictures. :)

  2. Gotta love the farmers markets!!

    Psst.. I sent you an e-mail about a little something, something ;)