Monday, May 14, 2012

Ikea Hack - Lack Lego Table

I've been looking and looking for a suitable Lego table for my son.   Something that was durable, lightweight, large enough for some serious Lego building marathons, but not so big as to overwhelm our living space - and finally, not terribly expensive.

 Everything I found online was either hideous, over $100, or huge!   I searched Craigslist.  I searched Freecycle.   I looked on Ebay and Etsy.  Nothing fit the bill. 

I contemplated building my own, but I'm not terribly handy with a saw or drill.  And by not terribly handy, I mean I didn't want to end up in the emergency room missing a finger. 

On a whim, I typed in Lego Table on Pinterest and was rewarded with this Ikea hack.  

Yes!   Something I could do.  No sawing, drilling, painting, or sweating.   Ikea is located just across the river from us.   Lack tables?   $10 bucks.   Amazon Prime for the four 10 inch Lego base plates?  $23.   The epoxy I already had.   Far under the $100.00 Lego tables I'd been eying online. 

I ordered the base plates and made my way to Ikea a few days later while The Boy was at preschool.  So excited was I, that I put the table together the same day I had all the materials gathered.   Ikea Lack tables are amazingly lightweight.   The table itself measures 21x21 - which allows just a bit of red(!!) to peek out from around the sides of the base plates.  

I used E 6000 adesive epoxy to glue all the base plates securely to the table.  Before it set, I made sure to space the base plates with blue Lego pieces.  This is VERY important. If you butt them right up next to each other where the 4 corners meet your Legos won't lock down correctly.   You can see the small gap that is necessary for interlocking Lego pieces in the first picture, dead center.

The final table is totally awesome if I do say so.   It's already receiving a ton of play and was a perfect addition to our Lego party we had this weekend.  (Those photos coming soon.) 

If you build it....

Simple Mama


  1. That looks great! My own girls are far past the Lego age but I can remember Legos taking over the dining room table, floor, etc. A table would have been nice back in the day.

  2. It looks great and you didn't lose any limbs in the making! ~ Maureen

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  4. Great way to save and store some Legos. My son is a huge Lego maniac so this is very much needed in my home.

  5. Great minds think alike. My son is 8 now and when he was 4 he really wanted a Lego table so I did this (even with the orange table!). I used sticky back Velcro to attach the green base plates (which our local Walmart carried). Now that he's "over it" I took the plates off, used goo gone to remove the velcro and it's now in our daughter's room as a tea party table :)