Friday, April 27, 2012

More Party Planning

I've been trying to work on The Boy's Lego party a little bit at a time - between Etsy orders, a little boy sick with a fever, tackling Mount Washmore, dirty dishes, cleaning chicken coops, yard work, etc., etc.

Our house it seems, is in a perpetual state of disarray.  Legos scattered everywhere.   Half finished projects strewn about.  Glue sticks mixed in with minifigs and Waldorf toys.   Welcome to the juxtaposition of the almost 5 year old child.  Classic toys meet plastic.   House meet mess.

One of the things I knew I wanted to make for the party was a balloon wreath.  I've seen them floating all over Pinterest and for sale on Etsy.  Being a consumate DIYer I thought for sure I could make mine cheaper than I could find it online.  Do yourself a favor and heed my advice.  Support a work at home Momma and buy her balloon wreath!    525 balloons and greening pins later I finally had a finished wreath - along with a sore thumb and lighter wallet.

 I'm telling you now, this wreath will make an appearance at every single birthday  in our home from now until the day I die.  As far was wreaths go, it was easy to make but very expensive and time consuming. 

I also knew I wanted to make a Lego "wreath"  or rather, a door hanging to announce the birthday boy's big day. 

This is what I came up with:

This?   Much easier.  I used a 10x10 green baseboard and made the number 5.  It needed a little something extra to make it pop, so I outlined it with 1x1 black Legos.   Rather than taping or gluing the ribbon to the back, I simply used industrial strength paper clips to secure a bright blue ribbon for hanging.  The whole thing can be taken apart and played with later since nothing is glued down.   This project I love.

And finally, a not so great picture of the Lego Place Your Face activity I've been working on.   My trooper of a kid posed for the picture even though he wasn't feeling well this week.   I knew I wanted to create a photo prop for all the kids, but I wasn't sure what to do.  I wanted something inexpensive but colorful and fun.   I ran across this blog post at No Bad Days and knew I'd hit gold!    A quick call to my local Home Depot's shipping and receiving scored me a free 8x8 piece of flat cardboard.   A little primer, paint, and cutting later and the outcome was this adorable Place Your Face Lego minifig photo op.

I'll have better photos the day of the party.  I'm still figuring out my new editing software and this current picture doesn't show the pretty blue sky or grassy green bottom of the photo very well - but you get the general idea.    Fun times coming up!  Also - I do want to note that I followed a very intricate and detailed minifig to-spec drawing when designing and painting this picture.   It wasn't until it was all down and outlined that I realized my eyes were continually drawn to the Lego men', you know.  They're just happy to see us.    One of my friends refers to this picture as "Legos After Dark."

Much more to come. 

Simple Mama


  1. I'm also planning a Lego party for my son's 5th birthday later this month. I can't wait to see what you came up with!

    And...Lego after Dark. Bwahahaha!! I never would've noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. Now I can't tear my eyes away!