Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday Vacation

I was ready for vacation this year.  So ready.   Super Hubby traveled for business a lot this year.  My Etsy store was incredibly busy from August until December.   The Boy was navigating the exciting world of Montessori preschool.   We all needed a break - and preferably someplace away from the steady cold drizzle of the Pacific Northwest.

Florida would be perfect.

Our vacation was a two parter.   One week in the Florida Keys, one week in Disney World.   The longest vacation we've taken with our 4 year old yet, and we were ready.   We took too many pictures to share with you all - the majority will find their way into a special edition family vacation photo book - but I wanted to share some highlights with you.

 Out on the boat.
 Catching his first fish.  He wasn't too sure about the whole process. 

 Visiting the Turtle Hospital in Marathon Key, Florida.

 Swimming with dolphins.  A favorite for sure.

 Watching the chickens and roosters run around Key West.  It should be noted that we also saw Hulk Hogan while we were in Key West, but he literally rode by us so quickly on his motorbike that we couldn't snag a photo.
 Hanging out with Micky Mouse....
 And Phineas and Ferb....
 Taking a break from Disney to swim in the pool...
 Eating - it seemed we were always eating somewhere....
 Waiting to see the Toy Story characters
  Meeting Woody and Jessie.

We had such a wonderful time we almost gave serious consideration to the idea of leaving our home with the house sitter and just staying in Florida permanently.

Planning our next getaway.

Simple Mama.

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  1. That reminds me of taking our daughter to Disney World when she was four. It was all real to her and when Prince Charming kissed her hand and asked her to wait for him, she vowed to be true! ~ Maureen