Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekending Part 1

We are incredibly busy here this week. My dad's cousins are visiting us from New York and we've having so much fun showing them around the Pacific Northwest.

Since they've been in town we've celebrated a birthday (mine), visited a gorgeous waterfall, and spent a misty morning at the pumpkin patch.

The view from here - Highway 14 - Cape Horn looking east:

Cousins Rusty and Sharon and The Little at Multnomah Falls - it was so, so chilly there. We warmed up to a light lunch in the old lodge after standing in the mist for a bit:

This morning we met Uncle Chris and Aunt Lavina at the local pumpkin patch. Raining again, but we were down to the wire for a visit to the pumpkin patch.
We played in the corn pit:

We rode tractors:

We got lost in the hay maze:

We visited all the animals in the petting zoo:

We shucked dried corn:

We rode a pony:

We launched pumpkins:

We giggled and kissed on the hayride:

We picked out our pumpkins:

Stayed tuned for Weekending Part 2

Simple Mama

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