Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Update

It's been a slow spring for gardening here. Unseasonably wet and cool. My plants have refused to germinate, sprout, grow, thrive.

This week we finally welcomed summer - with a bang. A heat wave in the high 90's and low 100's. Now my poor garden is experiencing a case of SCD - seasonal confusion disorder. I'm going out before it's too hot to pick the peas and harvest the lettuce before they get tough, bolt, go bitter.

Compare that top picture with a photo from last year near the same time:

Quite the difference, eh?

By this time last year we had pulled the peas, the tomatoes were 3.5 feet tall. There was a bounty of produce all around. This year I'm counting my lettuce leaves.

There are good things happening though - unexpected things. I had absolutely nothing to do with this crop of potatoes. We discovered them when we turned over the compost pile yesterday. Growing in deep, well drained, nutrient rich earth.

Oh yes, we'll be enjoying them this evening with a snap pea salad.

Learning to appreciate bounty where ever I find it.

Simple Mama


  1. Awesome, I am going to try to grow potatoes for sure next year. Our cover crop is starting to grow and I am so excited about that!

  2. ive decided im going to figure out how to do potatoes next year. my lettuce and radishes took off.... but Im no where NEAR picking anything else!


  3. Aaah, yum! I was just about to ask how you harvested we planted potatoes for the first time this year.

    Love surprises from Mother Nature!

    I have a delicious recipe for a potato and snow pea salad....yum!!!!

  4. Oh I love mystery unplanned compost pile bounty! I got a pumpkin this year, my first personally home grown one! Though I don't know how much credit I can take for it.