Saturday, May 1, 2010

At the May Faire

Happy May Day!

We spent the afternoon at the Portland Waldorf School for May faire!

Making hair garland:

Watching the children perform folk dances:

Watching the May Day Pole festivities:

Climbing on rocks:

Admiring local artisans:

We played in the castle for AGES - we found out they've been using this castle in some form or another for 13 years.

We used shiny bangles to make twirly ribbon rings:

Yours in this gorgeous spring May Day!

Simple Mama


  1. Love those swords! I challenge thee...... haha

  2. Aren't they neat Sue? We picked one up for his birthday next weekend. Shhh....don't tell!

  3. oh so fun!! our may faire is not for a couple of weeks still (i know that doesn't make sense). it is only our second as our community is still young and growing. to attend a grand event such as this would be a real treat!

    those bangles...did you make them similar to the dancing rings that are in your shop? i am responsible for providing a craft/activity for our may faire and am looking for ideas....hint, hint. ;)

  4. Rae...the bangles are done just like the ones in my shop. Except they didn't use fabric glue. It doesn't appear to be needed on such a thin bangle, like it is on the wood. They had the ribbon pre-cut into the right lengths and we just tied them on.

  5. thanks for sharing this amazing festival! I've always wanted to attend a May Faire. Our little waldorf-inspired group is going to to a maypole in a few weeks, but none of us have been to a May Faire so it's good to see what else is going on there. :)

  6. What a magical day for you all! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures. :) I love the song playing on your blog, too!