Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inside the Home

We've been inside much of this week so far. It's been rainy and cold outside and I've just not felt like bundling The Little up and sending him out to play. Mostly because it means I get to go outside too - and standing in the pouring down rain isn't my personal idea of fun.

I'm trying to get better about allowing him to play outside in all weather conditions. Really if he has the proper clothing on there's no excuse to keep inside.

But the heavy rain this week won out over my motivation and desire to clean up tracked in mud and extra laundry that accumulates with wet clothing.

So I spent some time this morning taking stock of some of the items INSIDE our home that remind me of spring. I'm hoping that the focus on the bright colors and the outdoor theme will help me find that desire to dig deep, bundle up and get us outside.

Heirloom plants sprouting in our window:

A bright green mirror from Second Line Frames , salvaged from siding left over after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Flower Children from Wendt and Kuhn:

How do you get motivated to play outside in less than ideal weather?

Simple Mama


  1. I'll have to follow your comments because I am the same way. I hate being out in the rain and cold. The kids so need it though!

  2. I am smitten with that mirror!!!

    Want to hear something silly? Kaulini has a snowsuit that never gets used in snow (since it only snowed once) so it has become her MUD suit. She p[lays outside almost everyday in the mud wearing that <3 I need more motivation like you to get out in that weatehr though so Ciar and I don't get out as much in it :(

  3. Maybe you need some wellingtons and a nice umbrella. I think if I had some fancy wellies and a bright parasol I might be more tempted to go out...