Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Would you believe that as I sat down to write this post I didn't have ANY current WIP's?

I do have few pieces of watercolor paper drying to make star lanterns, and I do have some little wool balls that I'm planning on gluing into their acorn caps tomorrow, but nothing you haven't seen yet Internet. And I'm taking the rest of the evening off from crafting to just enjoy spending some time with my little family this chilly December evening.

I do however have a few Christmas wreaths that I finally finished up this morning. They turned out so pretty I almost thought of keeping them in our home and just rotating out our wreaths each week. Silly?

Yours in enjoying quiet December evenings,
Simple Mama


  1. Those turned out so pretty! I love the first one especially!

  2. Those wreaths are lovely and I am SO glad you are taking a break from the holiday crafting to spend time with loved ones :)

  3. Very pretty, I especially like the blue one!

  4. darling wreaths!
    and can i just say that we love your taste in music :)

  5. Gorgeous wreaths! Enjoy your time off crafting. We all need it from time to time.

  6. I think I would still consider your other projects WIP's :D
    Your blue wreath is VERY nice!!
    Enjoy your day mama :D

  7. Oh my word I love those wreaths!

  8. such a good idea!!