Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not so into Santa

It went like this:

Me: "Honey - do you want to go see Santa tomorrow?"
The Little (TL): "No."
Me, incredulously: "You don't want to go and see Santa?"
TL: "No mama. No need. No need Sanna."

We tried again this morning.

Me: "Guess what we're going to do today?! We're going to go and see Santa!"
TL: "No! No wanna Sanna! No need Sanna!"


So we bundled him anyway and made the drive into Portland to the Pioneer Square Macys where they have The. Best. Santa. Clause. Ever. Period.

And we waited patiently in line marveling at the glittery, twinkle light wonderland that has transformed the basement of Macys into Santa's North Pole home.

And as we stepped up to Santa, my child - my child who has NO fear, my child who would go home with strangers if they asked him, my child who walks up to complete strangers and hugs and kisses them....my child was paralyzed. Paralyzed with complete and total FEAR of Santa.


Did I mention he was The. Best. Santa. Ever.? He was.

The only words my child would say to Santa were after much encouragement and gentle prodding. They were uttered under his breath as we were leaving.

"Bye, bye Sanna." Which of course produced the most amazing, true to life "Ho-ho-ho" of a belly laugh from St. Nick. Seriously. This Santa was magical. And my child refused to look at him, talk to him, or sit on his lap. See for yourself:

Excuse the goofy look on my face. I was telling Santa I wanted my parking validated for Christmas.

Yes, that was as close as my son got to Santa and only then with me acting as referee between the two of them.

So we politely thanked the kind North Pole employees at Macys and made our way through the rest of the winter wonderland in search of lunch.

Recovering from the sheer horribleness that his parents made him go through.

There's always next year.

Yours in childhood magic - or terror, as the case might be,

Simple Mama


  1. This made me laugh. Have you seen the website Sketchy Santa? It's all terrible pictures of creepy santas and terrified kids. Santa can be really really scary for those little guys. Oh well, like you said, there's always next year :)

  2. Awww bless, our son was always terrified of Santa or anyone dressed up, and never went to see Santa. He's now 9 and goes into see Santa at the school fair as he knows it's not real and he wants the chocolate lol.

  3. Oh that made me laugh till I cried. My son was the same way with Father Christmas ( we didn't get a chance to see Santa, just Father Christmas this year) and FC wanted me to sit on his lap and hold Toby on mine... yeah right. I told FC that I was too scared I'd break his leg and then get a lump of coal for Christmas. He made me sit on him anyway. Luckily I think he escaped with his leg intact. Yikes!!