Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Gorgeous Blogger Award.

This morning I spent some time catching up with my favorite blogs while my son stacked and tumbled blocks and my husband booked airfare home for my baby brother who is at Fort Benning.

I found myself humbled when I read Kelli's post over at eastkentuckygal because she graciously presented me with the Gorgeous Blogger Award. Kelli writes about life with her family in the Appalachian hills of Kentucky, of living a life that is purposeful, slow, and beautiful. She inspires me with her insight and lyrical way she weaves words together to create an elegant tapestry allowing the reader to be transported into her life.

I spent some time perusing the other bloggers she honored with this award and I consider myself blessed to be counted among them. This award is especially touching to me, because it the first time another blogger has honored me in such a way. To have it come from Kelli, who is someone I feel a kindred connection to, and to read the generous words she wrote about me is wonderful.

The concept behind the Gorgeous Blogger Award is simple. I share with you six things you mostly likely don't know about me and then pass the award on to five other bloggers.

And so Internet, here we go.

1. I love, love, love to listen to country music.

2. I could live on shellfish and fresh berries.

3. Some people can roll their tongue. I can turn mine into a "W" Yes, someday I'll take a picture of that neat-o trick.

4. I'm terrified of public speaking. Even if I'm well rehearsed and an expert in the area. I almost always throw up before a public speaking engagement.

5. I met my husband online. Which is actually a longer story than it sounds, and I promise to tell you all about it - but it's cooler for now to just say we met online. And that we've now been together for 10 years and married for almost 9.

Interesting and mundane all at the same time, right?

I've given a lot of thought today about the the bloggers I would like to bestow this award to. There are so many out there with beautiful stories, touching photos, interesting lives.

In the end I choose bloggers who are raising their families in a way that most resonates with me. Here are my top 5 in no particular order.

1. Healing Hilary Hilary's blog is such a wonderful place for me to visit. She's always knitting up darling sweaters, hats and blankets for her little one.
Knitting is a skill I am terribly hopeless at - so I live vicariously through her talent. There is such a gentleness and reverence for life in her blogging that it makes me smile every day.

2. A Small Tribe Marina's blog has been one of my favorites for over a year now. I love the way she is so open and honest about the inner work she does for herself while raising 3 beautiful, gentle boys. Her photography is amazing - and she captures some of her favorite moments, that of her boys playing in their own home beautifully.
I have dreams of moving into Marina's home and playing with all of her boys' gorgeous, natural toys.

3. Frontier Dreams Nicole's blog features her family - including her two darling girls. Recently Nicole photographed their move as they traveled across country along the Oregon Trail to their new home in Oregon. I love reading about the Waldorf celebrations they participate in and seeing pictures of the Waldorf school they plan to send their children to.

4. Red Dirt Mother Lizz blogs not only about her family living in the Pacific Northwest, but also blogs about the beautiful creations she and her family make for their Etsy store, ZooLooNaturals If a more creative and talented woodworking, fiber, and all around artistic family lives, I do not know of them. I own several pieces created by Lizz and I can attest to their beauty - including a wonderfully carved mama nursing her toddler boy.

5. Garden Mama Garden Mama is the newest blog I have discovered. What is it about these women and their amazing photography skills? I'm in complete awe. I love reading about the natural, gentle way in which Garden Mama is raising her little ones. Since I've been reading her blog she's hosted several fabulous giveaways featuring natural toys sponsored by mamas or mama run businesses.

Thank you Kelli for bestowing upon me this award. It's truly brightened my day.

Yours in celebrating gorgeous blogs,

Simple Mama


  1. Thank you for sharing some great blogs, it is always such fun to discover new ones.

  2. WOW!!

    Thanks, I'm in good compnay and honered. Your words are fantastic! I'd like to quote them. I've received this award twice now recently, and though I don't do these anymore (time, or lack there of lol) I am grateful.


  3. Oh, Simple Mama, you are beyond sweet and oh so generous in your praises...*blush*... what an amazing group of women to be a part of, thank you so very much!

    Congratulations to you! I love reading your blog and am so inspired by the beautiful crafts that you do!

    ... and our door is always open for you to come over and play anytime :D


  4. {humbled} thank you. i promise to get back to this when i return!
    the "W" now that is something....:)!

  5. Thanks for all the great links....I know some of them, and don't know others, but will go check them out right now! And I'll spend some time looking through your posts, as I just discovered your gorgeous blog today:)

  6. Thank you for your kind words dear mama!
    It is so lovely to be in the company of such wonderful women! Many warm wishes to you! xo
    Congratulations on your new shop!!! I look forward to checking it out : )

  7. Thank you! <3 Right back at ya! I am excited about your shop ;)