Saturday, November 7, 2009

Footsie Warmth

Super Hubby ROCKS! I'm just sayin'.

Yesterday as I was getting ready to put both The Little and myself down for a nap, I mentioned to him that I saw these adorable boiled wool Haflinger slippers at the shoe store next to our local Whole Foods the other day.

During nap time Super Hubby slipped out of the house to run into work for a few hours as he has a business trip next week that he needs to prepare for.

When The Little and I woke up, Super Hubby was already home, had finished preparing dinner and surprised me with the darling slippers I was coveting! I have the best husband in the world!

May you all have your own versions of Super Hubby (wife, significant other, etc.,)

Simple Mama


  1. Wow!! What a sweet man!! Can I borrow him to talk to my DH? :p

  2. So thoughtful of him! And I LOVE those slippers - too cute!

  3. That was so sweet of him! That's totally something my hubby would do too. Love that quality in a significant other. :)

  4. They are the cutest slippers I've ever seen! Lucky you!

  5. Those are cute slippers! How sweet of your husband. You must know you are appreciated. :)

  6. darling slippers. so sweet. gifts of love mean so much.