Monday, October 26, 2009

Wrapped Up

I have a fuzzy blanket
To snuggle in at night.
I wrap it all around me
And pull it warm and tight.
No matter how the wind may blow
Or how much snow may fall,
If I'm wrapped in my blanket,
I do not mind at all.

-Cindy Breedlove

For the 4th morning in a row we've woken to overcast, dreary skies and cold temperatures. We've entered monsoon season, people. And the best way to combat those dull, gray mornings? Cuddled up with loved ones on the couch under the warmth of a soft blanket.

The Little pulled out his 4 favorite blankets today and I found him cuddled on the couch under them with our Chiweenie, Zoey. Later in the day, when he's normally full steam ahead he drug the blankets over to me along with his favorite book on dogs and asked me to read to him. As I sat there quietly, absently running my fingers through his soft curls I offered up thanks to the women who made these beautiful blankets for us to enjoy for years to come.

The first two blankets were made by a very dear aunt. The light pastel blanket was a baby shower gift when The Little was born. The vibrant pink and orange blanket was a gift to Super Hubby and myself last Christmas.

The third blanket was the very first gift we received when we found out we were pregnant with The Little. It was made by one of Super Hubby's coworkers and also came with an adorable sock monkey doll.

And our latest favorite blanket was a very lucky thrifted find. I payed all of $3.00 at our local Goodwill for this beautiful and super soft Pendleton Wool throw. I had plans originally to cut it up and use the fabric for crafting. I was unprepared for how cozy and luxurious it would feel wrapped around my shoulders on a cool morning. And so washed it was - and is now in rotation with our favorites.

We have many months ahead of us to enjoy the warmth these blankets offer. I intend to love every moment I can cuddled up under them with The Little and Super Hubby.

Yours in joy of handmade blankets and wool warmth.

Simple Mama.


  1. I loveall of them but especially the pink and orange one and oh my! what a find with that wool throw! I love it!! Squirrels are very dear to us <3 I have yet to find wool at thrift stores.
    I saw your message on the blog but I didn't get the email :( did you send it to i can't remember what e-mail addy of mine is linked to flickr. *oops!*

  2. Hmm...I thought I just responded back. Regardless - count me in. :)

  3. Husband and I sat outside the other night cuddled under one of those warm soft throws. Definetly that time of year again.

  4. Woo hoo!! email me your current e-mail addy and I'll send you the invite for the Yahoo group :)

  5. What a wonderful photo of your sweet Little and his cute doggie pal, true friends!

    Best wishes
    Brenda (racing girl @ dte forum)