Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baking Day

I'm the first to admit, schedules or rhythm don't come easily to me. I'm in awe of families who set a schedule and stick to it. Monday is crafting day, Tuesday is cleaning day, Wednesday is baking day - that sort of thing. Most weeks, I'm not even sure what day it is - much less what we should be DOING on that day.

To be fair, our day itself takes on it's own natural rhythm. Wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, play time, reading time, lunchtime, nap time....well, you get the picture. It's just that fitting in those extra activities - things like baking, crafting, painting - we just sort of fit them in whenever I remember. I've been thinking a lot about rhythm lately - perhaps because of the shift in the weather and the knowledge that inevitably we will be spending more time indoors as the temperatures drop. And frankly? The idea of spending all that time indoors without planned activities makes me break out in a bit of a cold sweat.

That said, I've decided to make a concerted effort to incorporate at least two regularly scheduled routines into our week. I've found The Little is much calmer when he has a routine of some sort that he can count on. A difficult task for mama, to be sure, but worth it for my son. Therefor, Thursdays will be art and crafting day and Tuesdays will henceforth be known as baking day.

Yesterday was our first baking day. Super Hubby happened to work from home so he took a break and came down to help us out. We made banana-zucchini-pear sauce-instant coffee bread. Uh..yeah. A bread of my own invention. The pear sauce happened because we were out of eggs. The instant coffee was a toss in at the last minute when I found it in the pantry while looking for baking soda. We don't drink instant coffee, so what it was doing there I'm not sure, but it sure was good in the finished product. With any luck we'll stick to this routine for longer than two weeks.

The bread became breakfast this morning. The Little enjoyed his with a bit of milk and I enjoyed my slice with a spot of tea. Delicious.

Yours in the joy of baking,
Simple Mama.

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  1. Ah how amazing is this Danita!!
    You cook just like I do a little bit of this a little bit if that and then I'm so mad when it's the best because I know it won't ever be the same again!!
    Love you, I'm off to back carrot cake muffins!
    Lovely Lavina